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Company Profile
since 2003
Fangda Innotech Co., Ltd. is a world-renowned supplier and manufacturer of urban rail transit PSD system. It headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, and has branches in Hong Kong, Singapore and other regions around the world. Fangda Innotech has 117 patents and continues to lead the development direction of advanced technologies such as intelligent operation and maintenance of PSD system, assembled modular design and rail transit unmanned system.Fangda Innotech completed more than 100 metro PSD system projects in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, Colombia and other countries and regions, and built more than 80,000 PSD system units. Fangda PSD system has been used in 48 cities around the world.
  • 100 lines+

    Metro lines undertaken

  • 80000 units+

    Platform screen doors

  • 117 patents

    Metro PSD system patents

  • 48 cities

    Cities around the world that have adopted PSD system

Engineering case


Modern Production Base
Fangda Innotech has a large-scale modern production base integrating R&D, design, manufacturing and professional testing of PSD system, and has built PSD system producing and manufacturing plants with scale advantages and advanced technical equipment in Dongguan and Nanchang in China. With a construction area of more than 230,000 square meters, those plants enjoy leading process technology in the industry, with the production capacity reaches 13,000 units each year.
Fangda Innotech focuses on building a modern smart factory with highly automated production, effectively improving the production and manufacturing efficiency and ensuring the product quality consistency, representing the advanced level of intelligent production and manufacturing in the rail transit industry at present. It aims at providing efficient, timely and high-quality PSD equipment products services for global customers.
Quality Test
Fangda Innotech owns the whole industry chain to produce, test and assembly facilities for PSD system products. Also, it owns a professional laboratory with complete testing and test items and advanced equipment in the domestic PSD industry, which can complete various tests, including accelerated aging testing, environmental testing, structural testing, anti-corrosion testing, functional testing.

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